Txts From Toby

"Next up for Weekend Fun… My first trip to the beach here!!! :-D" ~ Toby

  1. karmakontot said: Cute❤🐾🐾
  2. mia-bee-uh said: Toby! This looks so much fun!
  3. charleylhasa said: What an awesome adventure, Toby! The beach looks like so much fun. And your new haircut looks great!
  4. excitingadventuresoftommy said: Wow! Looks like you had a lot of fun! And Im liking the new haircut :)
  5. norikker said: oh how fun! Did you enjoy yourself Toby? Odin wants to come hang out at the beach with you!
  6. dailymardybum said: wow! So cool!!!! I love the sand. Did you roll in it?
  7. muttandshitzu said: So jealous Toby! You don’t get beaches like that in Kansas! We miss Puget Sound. :(
  8. stinkywrinkles said: THE BEACH!! We can’t wait to go back this summer! Lookin’ very dapper in your bowtie with your snazzy haircut, Toby. :)
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