Txts From Toby

"I didn’t get as much exercise this week with dad out with an upper respiratory infection but he’s slowly getting better. To make up for it, we went to the park and dog park which is now… Waterworld! Where’s my scuba gear? :-D" ~ Toby

  1. abonus said: oh wow! how fun toby!! its a winter wonderland!!! -appa
  2. minikkkkk said: look so cute when you’re wet!
  3. charlieandbabyteodor said: I hate waterparks! But glad you enjoyed it, even with the spa treatment afterwards.
  4. charleylhasa said: Sorry your Dad’s sick Toby — glad he’s getting better. Your new water-themed dog park looks awesome, however! :D
  5. cuppytheshihtzu said: That water looks cold!
  6. excitingadventuresoftommy said: wow good puddle jumping toby!
  7. dailymardybum said: oy! bath Toby :D
  8. stinkywrinkles said: Oh man! Look at all those lakes! Hurley is lifting his dainty little paws just at the thought of it. Nice athletic jumps though! I guess all athletes have to hit the showers at some point. ;D
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